Production Process of Sports Garments

We MTAFPK starts working on an order after order is confirmed.

1.) Re Evaluation of Order

Once Customer Order is Confirmed. The Order Audit Team re-check the order details regarding , color, size, fabric , design & if there is pending information re-check with customer.

2.) Fabric Sourcing

80% of order commitment is based on In-House Fabric Inventory. The rest 20% are based on a special requirement which is based on Imported fabric. off course customer is informed about it in advance.

3.) PP Sample

Once things are passed to Production manager . A pre-production sample is made & pictures are sent to customer for approval of color & other agreed details.

if approved MTAFPK process ro next step else new PP-S is made

4.) Cutting

The Fabric cutting of order is taken out size wise.

5.) Printing / Sublimation / Embroidery

The Fabric panel are then sent to the Printing & design department to do the required branding / customization.

6.) Stitching

After receiving the panel. the stitching process is done. if there is shortfall it will be taken form the responsible department.

7.) Inspection

Once the garment / product is ready the threading & inspection is being done the faulty pieces are taken out.

There were already extra pieces in production.

The Counting as per order quantity is done. if there is shortfall the request to make more is send to the related department.

8.) Packaging

The approved pieces are packed Standard / as per commitment with buyer. Includes (tags, labeling, etc.)